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There are five gated access points into the District including three automatic gates and two emergency gates. The Forest Hills main automatic gate and the Summerwood automatic gate have a common keypad for use by residents and guests. The Eastwood automatic gate is for residents only. The emergency access points will be opened by District personnel when required. Homeowners are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the location of the nearest emergency gate.

Gate Clickers and Codes

For quicker access through the automatic gates, gate clickers are available from the District for a small charge. Homeowners are responsible for periodically replacing the 12V A23 battery. The receiver antenna for Forest Hills and Summerwood gates is located near the keypad. The antenna for Eastwood is near the right gate post. For reliable activation, when less than 75 feet from the antenna, point the end of the clicker with the red light at the antenna then press the button for a minimum of 2 seconds.

remote control
Gate clicker

The District will issue a gate code to each household for use at the main gate keypad. These codes can be shared with guests that visit regularly. To maintain the area’s security, the District discourages residents from providing their gate code to guests or contractors that only need temporary access. Instead, the guest can use the A and Z buttons on the keypad to find your name in the keypad directory screen. They then press Call to ring your phone. Once you have confirmed it is your guest, just press 9 on your phone to open the gate for them. Summerwood residents should press 5 on their phones to open the Summerwood gate.

To request clickers or gate codes, use the Gate Access Request.

Homelink programming instructions to open our gates for individual makes and models of cars can be found in the vehicles Owner’s Manual. Some older models of vehicles may not be compatible with our gates. Using Homelink rather than a clicker will provide a significantly better experience. Modern cars have metallic coatings on the windows which block radio waves. Low clicker battery levels reduce the signal strength. Both will significantly reduce the distance the clicker will trigger opening the gate.

How to program your HomeLink car garage door opener - Toyota Ford Chevy -  YouTube

Event Access

Residents are not permitted to post signs or a gate code number at the entrance or on any District sign posts. Residents can request a temporary code for events. Realtors should contact the district in advance of a scheduled Open House to arrange for the use of our sandwich board sign to post their phone number so that they can grant access.

Gates Left Open

During the school year, the main gate will be opened for a short period in the morning and evening to allow school bus access into the area. They may also be opened during heavy snowfall to prevent the gates from being disabled by snow prior to the road being cleared.

If a gate does not operate properly, please call the District office at 303-495-2330. Do not try to reset it yourself as damage may result.