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District Personnel

Board of Directors

NameTitleEmailTerm Expires
Victor RobertTreasurerdirector1@fhmd.netMay 2025
Michael Oakleydirector2@fhmd.netMay 2025
David Bluedirector3@fhmd.netMay 2023
Craig WeinbergChairpersondirector4@fhmd.netMay 2025
Nikki Patrickdirector5@fhmd.netMay 2023

If you are a resident of the District and wish to serve on the Board or participate on one of the District’s committees, please use the General Inquiry . Board qualifications and election information will be provided.

Support Staff

Ronda Zivalich
MAPs, Inc.,
District Manager

Nickie Holder
NMHolder Financial, Inc.,
Accountant & Administrator

ORC Water Professionals
Water & Sewer Operator            

Collins Cole Flynn Winn & Ulmer
General Counsel

Water Rights Engineers

Element Engineering
District Engineers

Hamre, Rodriguez
Ostrander & Dingess, P.C.,
Water Rights Legal Counsel

Haynie & Company

Current Committees

Master Planning Committee

Created by the Board in late 2019 and tasked to develop a tool to support annual planning and budget development, initially for the General Fund. The Committee consists of an FHMD Board member, the District Manager, an HOA Board representative, and five other at-large District residents. They have catalogued all General Fund assets including roads, gates, signs, irrigation systems, park, gatehouse, and other common areas and then estimated annual maintenance, repair, and upgrade costs for each. The Committee will eventually conduct the same effort for the Water & Sewer Fund assets and budgets. They are developing a comprehensive 10-year Master Plan with recommended spending levels.