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Project Status

In Planning / Out for bidsEstimated Completion Date
Road Improvement Project for 2022
— Phase I: Repair all major cracks and failed asphalt pavement areas
— Phase II: Slurry-seal all roads

Spring – Summer ‘22
Fall ’22
Video-inspect and jet-clean remaining half of sewage collection system.Spring – Summer ‘22
Approved and In ProgressScheduledBudget
Replace Forest Hills entrance signs and refurbish stone bunkersMay 2022$18k
Replace water booster pump stationApril 2022 $552k
Road project procurement and construction management. August 2022$75k
System to reduce Total Inorganic Nitrogen (TIN) in wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) effluent. August 2022$130k
CompletedCompletion Cost
Playground safety fixes and upgradesJune 2020$44k
Video-inspect first half of sewage collection systemAugust 2020$17k
Install slip liner in section of sewers to repair crackFebruary 2021$10k
Phase I of storm water analysisMarch 2021$2k
Launch new District websiteApril 2021$3k
Architectural assessment for long range planApril 2021$15k
Phase II of storm water analysisMay 2021$9k
Flush fire hydrants August 2021 Included in ORC contract
Repair gatehouse exterior, electrical, and roof August 2021 $6k
Replace exit gates’ operators on Forest Hills DriveSeptember 2021$11k
Replace gates and operators on Eastwood DriveOctober 2021$30k
Replace and upgrade guest keypad on Forest Hills DriveOctober 2021$10k
Powder coat gate panels & replace bearings on Forest Hills entranceOctober 2021$6k
Install new light fixtures on gate pillars on Forest Hills entranceOctober 2021$2k
Install new gates and operators on Summerwood DriveNovember 2021$30k
Rebase WWTP road and add culvertsNovember 2021$19k
Repair and clean culverts under District roadsDecember 2021$25k