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Park & Open Space

Park and Open Space Rules

Park Facilities

The restroom at the park can be accessed using code: 0-2-3-4.

The gazebo at the park can be reserved by a resident for up to 4 hours per day by using the Gazebo Reservation Request. Entries toward the bottom of the list were entered first and have priority. To cancel an existing reservation, please use the General Inquiry.

Current gazebo reservations:

Last NameDateTime
Clappisi 06/17/2023 01:01 pm - 05:59 pm

Fishing in the Main Pond

The main pond at the park have fish stocked periodically. Residents are allowed to fish using barbless hooks for catch & release. A valid Colorado fishing license and an FHMD permit is required for each fisherman over the age of 12. Fishermen 12 and younger must be accompanied by an adult with a permit. Due to the small size of the pond and lack of water quality monitoring, eating fish caught in the pond is unsafe and not permitted under any circumstance.

A FHMD fishing permit may be requested using the Fishing Permit Request.