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The District has almost 5 miles of roads. Ownership of these roads is split into two categories. Forest Hills Drive and Eastwood Drive are built on 30-feet wide, District-owned Common Area easements. This means homeowner property begins 15 feet on either side of the pavement centerlines. All remaining roads are built on homeowner properties with lot lines that run to the pavement centerlines with 26-foot easements to the District for roads and underground utilities.

The District maintains and repairs all the roads, regardless of ownership of the underlying land. This requires a constant and costly process that is funded by property taxes.

Winter Road Maintenance

Every year, the District contracts for snowplowing and sanding of roads. The winter driving season may start as early as October and can last through May. Regardless of the month, the contractor is on call to clear the roads. In a normal year, and with a snow depth of 2-3 inches, the contractor will make its first pass in the early morning hours, to accommodate residents who drive to work. Additional passes will occur as necessary during the day to manage snow accumulations. Depending on conditions, the contractor will spread coarse sand over road segments with dangerous slopes or icy patches. Although the driver will attempt to remove snow banks in front of driveways, this may not always be possible.

Street Sweeping

In the Spring, when the likelihood of heavy snows has diminished, the District will contract for street-sweeping to remove accumulated sand. Should residents have any urgent concerns about road safety, they should contact the District Administrator at or via phone at 303-495-2330.


Almost all District roads have ditches or gutters to guide stormwater and snowmelt to drainage culverts. Keeping these areas clear is a team effort between residents and the District that will allow proper flow and prevent damage to road pavements.

Use, Speed Limits & Enforcement

District roads are for the use with legally licensed vehicles only. The District speed limit is 20 mph, unless otherwise posted. This limit is appropriate given our narrow pavements, limited lines of sight, steep slopes, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, extensive use by pedestrians, children, and bicyclists. Please be kind and considerate and drive slowly when pedestrians are present and provide them extra room if it can be done safely. Because the District is a “gated community,” the Jefferson County Sheriff will normally not patrol or enforce speed limits. They will however pursue reckless-driving charges, if a resident can provide visual proof of the actions, such as a video clip.